I hope you enjoyed the saga of the summer vacation of the fab-four and 
that the stories might inspire you to take a similar trip.  One thing 
you need to remember is there is a lot of riding included in a tour of 
Yellowstone.  There is no way to see much of it in less than a week 
and it would take several trips to see everything the area offers.   
There are several items that I did not mention in the previous columns.

Before this trip, I had never tasted huckleberries but I can now 
report that this fruit is delicious.  Several places that we dined 
were serving specialty dishes made with huckleberries that we 
thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the popular items flavored with this 
popular berry include ice cream, coffee, chocolate, assorted beverages 
and syrup.  These tiny orbs that resemble blueberries are actually the 
state fruit of Idaho.  They grow in a variety of bright colors with 
the red ones being tart and the dark violet ones being naturally much 

While driving around in the Grand Tetons we visited a rustic log 
chapel that I will always remember. The tiny church was built in 1925, 
is an Episcopal church, and is operated by St. Johnís Episcopal Church 
located in Jackson, Wyoming.  Sadly, the building was closed because 
of Covid19 but the apprehension created by the pandemic did not keep 
us from feeling the beautiful peaceful spirit that surrounds that tiny 

There is a picture window in the back of the church that reveals an 
awesome view of the Teton Mountains, and wildflowers of all colors are 
scattered in the church yard.  The church was built by early settlers 
so they did not have to make the long trip into town in a buck-board 
or buggy to worship.  Sunday services are conducted during the summer 
months and it is available to rent for weddings.

One important item is the price of touring Yellowstone National Park, 
and it is something that travelers need to plan in advance.  There are 
different schedules of prices and even the possibility of waivers of 
the fees for bona fide educational institutions but you must apply for 
the waiver before the trip.

Daily, weekly and annual passes are available online and at your 
destination but again, please plan ahead to avoid delays.  In general 
the passes include admittance of the driver of a private vehicle and 
all the passengers and children under 15 years old admitted free.

We flew Delta Airlines and their planes have never been cleaner, it is 
obvious that they have spent countless time and money getting their 
planes sanitized so travelers can be safe.  They load the planes from 
back to front and unload front to back so it is possible to travel 
without coming in direct contact with strangers.  Masks are required 
in the airport and onboard and your snack is served in a plastic bag 
that is later collected for disposal.

Remember; Delta is ready when you are.


Brenda S. Brown 


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