This is a continuing story about our summertime vacation to 
Yellowstone and the surrounding areas.  After admiring the city square 
with the fabulous four antler arches one more time and touring 
interesting sites in Jackson, getting some rest and enjoying some 
great food, our group of four hit the highway again saying goodbye to 
the majestic Grand Teton Mountains.  We drove hours through incredibly 
rugged mountain views and picturesque property to the last destination 
on our list, Buffalo Billís Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming.

You know when you see the site of the nationally famous rodeo and all 
those cowboy hats and boots that you have entered the world of the old 
westerns.  The "Cody Nite Rodeo" as it is known, is usually open every 
night for a performance but because we were there during the pandemic 
of 2020, many of the performances had been suspended or greatly 
modified for the protection of the visitors.  "The Cody Nite Rodeo 
started in 1938 and is the longest running and the only nightly rodeo 
(June-August) in the world. " Perhaps one day we can return and enjoy 
the rodeo experience.

Our rooms were located toward the back to the hotel so we lugged that 
heavy luggage, now full of more dirty than clean clothes, to the back 
staircase and it seemed that every time we opened the door, a cowboy 
appeared and carried our suitcase to the top of the stairs.  We joked 
that they must be hiding in that antique wallpaper while waiting to 
assist us traveling folks. And, I might add, it happened again as we 
were leaving, a handsome and friendly cowboy appeared and carried the 
luggage down the staircase.

Thankfully the 6pm live presentation starring the Cody Gunfighters, 
the Wild Bunch, had not been suspended and we attended that eveningís 
performance.  Here is how the advertisement describes the experience:   
"Youíll be comfortable at The Irma.  Itís a place fancy enough for 
royalty and plain enough for cowboys and cowgirls.  Youíll love 
Buffalo Billís Irma Hotel.  Itís the heart of Cody, Wyoming. "

We toured the hotel, enjoyed the dinner that our Bill had talked about 
during the entire trip, prime rib with all the trimmings.  We enjoyed 
the historic scene while sitting in the middle of the famous hotel 
restaurant that was built in 1902 and named after his daughter Irma.   
Nearby is the impressive bar made of cherry wood that was presented to 
Wild Bill Cody by Queen Victoria of England; it is so impressive it is 
difficult to capture in a photograph.

The site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 
1973 and according to the stories, is haunted by the spirit of Irma.   
Because of the displayed photos, it is easy to realize why so many 
ghost stories are told in that establishment.  "Irma died of influenza 
and pneumonia in the hotel when she was 35 just a few days after her 
husband and hotel manager Fred Garlow, died of pneumonia. "

Brenda S. Brown 


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