Visiting Hometown

My dear sister/friend Jackie Chappell New has been telling me about 
the renovations of her bedroom and bathroom suite, I finally got to 
see it on my recent visit and it is truly as beautiful as she 
described.  I spent the afternoon and night with Jackie and her 
husband Reid and Jackie and I attended a matinee showing of the movie 
“Downton Abbey” and then the three of us dined at a Mexican restaurant 
and shared stories and laughed into the night.

Jackie and I grew up in Richland and are friends and classmates; 
Richland was a great place to grow up and I am proud to call it my 
hometown; it was a village full of friendly people who helped one 
another.   The time we share is always enjoyable; Jackie is the 
ultimate hostess, I hated to leave but I was expected in Richland the 
next afternoon.

My drive to Webster County and Richland was filled with enjoying 
studying the farm land; I enjoy seeing the fields and the tending and 
harvesting of crops.  I guess it comes from growing up around farm 
acres and having friends and family who earn a living working the 
land.  My paternal grandfather was a proud Terrell County farmer and 
instilled a love of the land in my soul.

Marcia was house and pet sitting while her daughter-in-love Candice 
had back surgery and Nick Todd accompanied his wife during her stay at 
the hospital.  Once I unpacked my car, we drove to Columbus to give 
Nick Todd time to go rest while we stayed with Candice.  Later that 
afternoon Marcia and I decided to visit a few establishments in 
Columbus and then ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Country’s 
Barbecue, at the original location near the old Columbus Square Mall.

We spent our youth driving back and forth from Richland to Columbus; 
Columbus was where we went to the movies, ate fast food and enjoyed 
fine dining, and had appointments with doctors, dentists and used the 
various medical facilities.

One afternoon we drove to nearby Shellman and ate one of the best 
grilled steaks we have ever eaten at the “Back Porch”, I highly 
recommend this local restaurant.  We drove the scenic route back to 
Richland and Marcia laughed when I described a huge planting of cotton 
ready for harvesting as southern snow but it looks like it to me.  For 
a while we followed a group of guys on farm equipment driving similar 
to a parade on the highway, it is something that brought back great 
memories of our younger days living in rural Georgia.

  Thanks to my dear friends Sonny and Paula Stapleton, I was able to 
bring home several buckets of green-peanuts to share and boil for the 
freezer.  There is no treat quite like fresh boiled peanuts, clean 
them up some, soak in brine for a while and then boil them until done 
to your taste.  Gosh those Webster County peanuts truly are the best 
in the world.


Brenda S. Brown 


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