There is a yearly exercise, voluntary of course, trending on Face book requesting that individuals post each day in November, something for which  they are thankful; rather than share my feelings on that popular site I am publishing a sampling of my personal ideas for all the readers of the newspaper.

I am grateful that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves me, blesses me and forgives my sins,   I am privileged to worship and serve Him.  And while on the subject of inspiration, I am truly honored to worship with some of the finest people imaginable at Black Springs Baptist Church.

In December we commemorate the precise day of our pledge of engagement, Christmas Eve to be exact, and then in May, Otto and I will celebrate our golden wedding anniversary; that's right everyone, we will be married for fifty years on May 27th.  I am thankful everyday for our continued love and sustained commitment.

Otto and I are blessed to have two grown sons who have brought great joy into our lives; we are forever thankful that the Lord sent them to be our family.  They were precious little boys, good teenagers and have become adults with principles who not only respect other people; they value the possessions of their neighbors.  They appreciate the contributions of their elders and are loving and compassionate parents and spouses; what more could you desire.

We could not have chosen better wives for our sons and their children, our "grands" as I refer to them in my column, are our pride and joys.  They call us Mimi and Papa and they are the bright lights in our lives.

I grew up in a remarkable community, Richland, Georgia to be exact, my hometown and the setting for many columns, a town filled with distinguished people and notable characters.  I am blessed to have countless friends but believe it or not, two of my chosen sister-friends have always been a part of my life.  For years we have been citizens of Milledgeville/Baldwin County where there are also numerous interesting inhabitants and famous residents.

For nearly thirty years I was honored to work with some of the finest professionals you could find; my position at Georgia Military College evolved over the years from primarily working with the prep school to during the last ten years predominately with the junior college students but it was always filled with challenges and great satisfaction.  You teach people about performing community service by word and deed; I was known all over the district as possessing my own "Army" of volunteers and I took great pride in showcasing their talents far and wide.

One will probably never attain more career satisfaction than bringing national recognition to the institution in which you work, and that is exactly what I did just months before my retirement.   By capturing and documenting the energy, service and good deeds of countless staff, faculty and students, we were recognized by the President of the United States.


Brenda S. Brown 


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