Supper is Ready

By Brenda S. Brown


Momma worked fulltime during our childhood so our home-life was slightly different from the classmates whose mom was a stay-at-home wife and mother.  Although she arrived home from work after five o'clock in the afternoon, she still managed to put a substantial meal on the supper-table.  Because she was concerned about our health and wanted us to spend quality family time during our evening meal, she required us youngsters to be at home when dinner was ready to serve; tardiness was not tolerated.
David and I were allowed to meander around the neighborhood with our friends during the afternoon after school, and frequently lost track of time, but we never worried about being late because momma devised a foolproof system to alert us to the impending meal.  All she had to do was walk on the front porch, summons us, and within minutes we were bounding up the driveway and inside to wash up.
You must be wondering how she signaled us, there is a simple explanation of the mystery apparatus being utilized; she purchased shiny, silver-plated whistle from Bentley's Sporting Goods , a renowned company located in downtown Columbus.  The model was loud enough to sound all over the community, and announce, "Supper is ready" in an unconventionally shrill manner.  Several blasts from the whistle and she completed setting the table for our evening family fare.
There were no excuses; when we heard that distinctive sound, we immediately proceeded toward the house.  The device was stored near our front door, on a table near the entrance, and we understood that it was not for entertainment or amusement.
The unconventional summons is so much a part of my history that when I hear one sound, a shrill sound coming from a whistle, I am immediately ready to dine.



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