Steak House # 1
By Brenda S. Brown

In the south-west part of Georgia there once was a popular landmark, the Steak House Restaurant was situated next door to the locally owned Kay Lyn Kourt, and located on the section of highway that was frequented by tourist on their way to and from Florida.  This historic stretch of the road was part of the old Georgia State Route 55; it was well traveled; especially by the snow birds from the northern United States and Canada, and passed through Richland, directly in front of the motel and café. 

For countless years Otto’s maternal aunt, Nadine Woody Carter Bridges, owned and operated the Steak House, which besides the tourist traffic, was frequented by coffee drinkers, journeying family units and hungry local teenagers.  It was not unusual for diners, especially on the weekend, to circle the building several times seeking a suitable parking place because the enormous parking lot was filled to capacity. 

In those days local business establishments depended on the tourist trade and welcomed them with open arms, in fact there were several enterprises that courted the travelers with coupons, green stamps and special treatment that caused them to stop, shop and spend the night in Richland.  The Georgia Motel, T & T Restaurant, the Dairy Queen, and Hill Top Grocery, plus numerous gasoline service- stations befriended the visitors and encouraged them to come back next year.   

The Steak House extended the hand of friendship to the travelers with excellent food, a spotless dining area with plenty of booths and tables, and an autograph book on each tabletop, which the waitresses encouraged the visitors to comment and sign before their departure.  It is little known except by close family and friends that in early November, Aunt Nadine, her daughter Linda, and available volunteers searched the books for current information and distributed Christmas cards to those who left their mailing address.  

There were printed menus that were delivered by the friendly wait staff, and for short orders, there was an enormous RC Cola lighted board that displayed the available items that were ready to-go.  One of the popular items on the extensive menu was called a hot-hamburger that was served with real French fries and a small salad topped with fresh cucumber slices and tomato quarters; the two all-beef patties were served open face on burger buns and smothered with rich brown gravy. 

Later I will share additional memoires of the Steak House in my hometown of Richland, Georgia. 


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