Sonny Stapleton

He answers to several names to include Owen, Mr. Stapleton and Uncle Sonny, and several other terms of endearment to include granddaddy and .. But no matter what name you call him, you always recognize when he is in the area because his distinct voice and gentlemanly ways never fails to attract attention.

During the years we resided in Richland, Sonny and Paula Stapleton and Baker and Ellen Alston were among some our closest friends of Otto and mine and Sam and Brenda Moore. Not only did we dine out nearly every Saturday night, we traveled and vacationed together.  I do not think any couples group had any more fun together than we did in those days. And at times we included twenty or more couples in some grand parties and special occasions; Ms. Nellie Alston and Mr. Charlie Will Stapleton (Uncle Cooter) joined us when we dined in Webster County.

Sonny Stapleton made the best Brunswick stew in the South Georgia area; there was never a formal contest to declare him the winner, but I promise you, his recipe is the best.  His method is unbelievably labor intensive but the finished product was amazing.  Otto and I assisted in the process several times and it was without a doubt, more work than I care to explain.   His recipe was so popular with those of us who supported Greenfield Academy that we always sold out during a fund raising event.

Otto and I were at a fish fry the night that Sonny drove to the local pond to tell us that his and Paula's baby was about to be born, in fact, she was in the vehicle with him so we all congratulated them and sent them down the highway to the hospital.  Some joyous memories never fade away.

There were several trips made from Florence Marina to the Gulf of Mexico and Sonny Stapleton enjoyed them all; spending three or more days in a boat, traveling countless water miles was not my idea of fun so I usually volunteered to drive a vehicle and pull our boat trailer and meet the travelers at Treasure Bay Marina.

The trip included an over night stay at the old inn at xxxx where the rooms were 5.00 per night, 5.50 if you wished to rent a window fan.  Nowadays the Inn has been renovated and the rooms are outrageously priced and the old memories only exist in our private collections. 

Brenda S. Brown 


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