Scott's Store

Granddaddy Scott owned a country store, a quaint setting where shopping was uncomplicated the offerings included sweet milk, fresh loaf-bread, pure cane sugar, plus assorted canned goods.  It was where Sis Dillard brought her children every weekday to get a snack, pick up a few staples, and share the continuously changing neighborhood news. 
Displayed inside an antique glass counter, protected with a wooden drop-down door, were the gigantic cookies, a plethora of penny candies, various flavors of chewing gum, and more Bazooka Bubble Gum than could be consumed in a month.  There was no need for a shopping buggy, he stacked your choices on a worn wooden counter, added the purchases in his head, and secured the items in a brown paper sack. 
Visit a supermarket today and you are inundated with more choices than items displayed in an old-fashioned Sears Roebuck catalog; that was not the case at Scott's Store; there were no complicated decisions. 
Granddaddy stocked one kind of sweet-milk, one color of sugar, and a solitary brand of canned tomatoes; purchases were remarkably simple.   The only brand of cheese arrived in a round wheel, was sealed with a thick red rind, and stored under a heavy glass dome; each order was hand-carved with a hefty butcher knife.   There was no bakery department, produce isle, or pharmacy center; he probably never heard the word delicatessen. 
Everyone might not declare it as the good old days, but life certainly was simpler. 

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