Rosemary Daniell and Zona Rosa

After nearly ten years of writing a community column for the Union Recorder, I decided that I might possibly have enough material to fill a manuscript that could eventually become a book to publish.  I began studying articles on the internet, increased the amount of fiction, biographical and non-fiction books that I was reading, and eventually started doing research on local and regional authors.

The amount of information on publishers was overwhelming so I decided to focus on published authors who might be willing to give personalized advice.  During this complicated journey I discovered Rosemary Daniell who offers writing assistance in the form of monthly gathering sessions at her residence in Savannah, Georgia and at the home of her sister near Atlanta.

I was intrigued that even though she is an accomplished author, she is also accessible and welcomes comments and questions via the internet.  During my initial contacts with her by email and then by telephone, she encouraged my attendance at one of her coming sessions, and promised that even though our writing styles were greatly different, that her group included lessons for all genre of literature.

Late one Friday, after a long work week at Georgia Military College, I gathered copies of my columns from the Union Recorder, a brand new writing journal, a bunch of notes from future columns and headed toward the Georgia coast.

Otto volunteered to make the trip, I am at times directionally challenged but he had a great sense of direction, and he also enjoyed the great seafood we always discovered in the Savannah area.  Because he knew that I might continue gathering with the writers in the following months, he insisted that I drive the route and learn the way, with his assistance of course.

Years ago you actually had to get directions to addresses and use a paper map to find an exact location.  Early Saturday morning I left our motel and located Rosemary’s house in record time; we were actually staying only a few miles away so I returned to the motel and Otto and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before my greatly anticipated meeting.

The group is known nationwide as Zona Rosa, where Rosemary guides her followers to and through the challenges of being a writer.  This is where I met countless other enthusiastic journalist and published authors to include Lisbeth Thom and Carolyn Siefferman, who were my original friends from the group and after all these years, we continue to stay in contact through Facebook.

I learned more from this group of writers and dreamers than I can express in a few words, Rosemary read countless columns I had written and encouraged all of us to climb new mountains and seek the goal of being a published author.

Rosemary Daniell is the novelist of countless books, a writing coach, a cheerleader and author of “The Woman Who Spilled Words All Over Herself. “ I am mentioned in her chronicle named, “Secrets of the Zona Rosa”, thank you Rosemary.

Brenda S. Brown 


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