Promises Made and Promises Kept


This article is not totally about a wedding gown and it not completely about an excursion, this narrative is about promises made and promises kept, and a satin ribbon known as love that has woven its way through our lives for more than sixty years.    


Our chronicle begins in the southwest Georgia town of Richland, where three little girls formed a bond of friendship that has endured through achievement, adversity, prosperity and pain.  As children we matriculated through the local school system together, pledged to be forever friends as teenagers, and have remained close our entire lives; fulfilling the agreement that has followed us through the mountains and valleys of our seasons.   


Victoria Murrah Collins, I adored the name when I first heard it spoken and fell in love with the beautiful newborn the moment I touched her, a blonde haired blue-eyed beauty that she still is to this day.   "Tori" is the daughter of Marcia and the late Nick Collins, and they reside in Tallahassee; it is a long distance to travel but we chat frequently and visit as often as possible.


It was an honor and privilege to be invited to participate in the pursuit of the perfect bridal apparel, and witnessing the interaction of our blended families during our visit was too poignant and precious to adequately describe.   Arlin and Brenda driving up for dinner and Carla and Minnie joining us for lunch added even more delight to our excursion. 


The bride-to-be Tori is like a daughter to Melba and me, because her mother Marcia is our sister by choice, therefore the invitation to join them in Buckhead a few days after Christmas was even more exciting.


Once we deposited our luggage in the hotel suite, Melba maneuvered the Atlanta holiday traffic and we toured the city, while Tori made telephone inquiries and appointments with bridal emporiums. The shops in Buckhead had numerous choices of gowns, and we enjoyed participating in the searching and fittings, but it was not until we discovered a bridal boutique in the Virginia Highlands that the ideal gown was located.


Alencon lace or point d'Alencon sometimes called the "Queen of Lace," is a needle lace named for the town of Alencon, France where it originated during the sixteenth century.  I cannot reveal a more comprehensive description right now, the bride wishes to withhold the details, but I can declare that this precious lace adorns her final selection and she looks stunning. 


Therefore, as Charles officiates at the ceremony and Otto and Tom assist with the intricate details, the YaYa's, Marcia, Melba and Brenda, surrounded by a host of friends and family to include her brothers N ick Todd and Ian, will direct, guide, participate in, and enjoy the nuptials. 


The ribbon of love that has woven a pattern through our lives and bound our families together over the years will unite Tori and Bruce together in holy matrimony in June.  When he places the ring on her finger, and she assumes the name of Oglesby, another circle of our lives will be fulfilled and additional traditions and stories are sure to follow.    



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