PC Beach w/Girlfriends

I have a brand new sweet friend and her name is Beverly Crawford; she  lives in a beautiful home located on Lake Tallavana near Havana, Florida and I met her because she is a treasured acquaintance of my forever friend Marcia Murrah Payne. Marcia and Bev are active participants of the same church, Salem United Methodist Church in Havana and are involved members of the Emmaus Community.

Bev and I along with another sister-friend Mary Jo Worthington Dudley were invited by Marcia to gather at their condo in Panama City Beach for rest and relaxation, retail therapy and of course the sharing of fine food.  We have countless circumstances in common to include the loss of a beloved spouse, so we bonded immediately and intend to stay in touch and hopefully one day assemble again at the beach, a personal favorite place that we collectively enjoy.

There were smiles and tears, memories and fears shared over our  days together and we came away with a new perspective and ideas galore.  Grief is relentless and we all have had our own personal journey but it helps to share those feelings and experiences with someone who has had a similar path.  Grief comes in waves as I have written about several times but thankfully after the passage of time, the loss changes while it transforms you and the way you view life.  The loneliness we feel and the sudden changes in our lifestyles are almost identical.

I found this explanation on a post on Facebook and I am sharing it because it is true; "Grief, after the initial shock of loss comes in waves…when you are driving alone in your car, while you’re doing the dishes, while you are getting ready for work, all of a sudden it hits you-how so very much you miss someone, and your breath catches, and your tears flow, and the sadness is so great that it is physically painful."

We all looked forward each evening to the unbelievable sunsets that occur over the Gulf of Mexico and we were not disappointed.  It is nearly impossible to capture a photograph that is as colorful as the evening skies over the Gulf waters, we tried to take a photo that depicts God’s grandeur of the end of the day setting of the sun but none of us was able to get that one perfect picture.

Of course our journey included a trip to the shopping Mecca known as SanDestin, a place that we all remember as a tiny fishing village when we were youngsters visiting the area.  We stopped by one of our favorite eating establishments, the Red Bar, which suffered a devastating fire earlier in the year; the area has been cleared of  debris and we hope the rebuilding will begin soon.  We ate lunch at A.J.s there in Grayton Beach and enjoyed the food and the unusual decorations and surroundings.

Then our tour took us to Pier Park; that is a story for another time.

Brenda S. Brown 


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