The Paving Story

Brenda S. Brown

The tale actually began during the pre-spring-season when the majority of our bulbs failed to bloom; having invested in numerous varieties of narcissus and buttercups, I was disappointed when they didn't emerge as anticipated. Around the community the landscape was filled with attractive blossoms but our yard remained practically devoid of spring color.  After a while the disappointment subsided and life continued.  
Mentioning that a formal garden overflowing with various kinds of indigenous plants would be a welcome addition to our yard gave my husband the incentive to initiate a massive project.  I had no idea how many decisions were required to lay out a fundamental design, but once the assessment was completed, Otto measured, measured and measured again. 
He engaged several pieces of equipment and initiated the extensive outdoor renovation. 
For days the only progress I could recognize was the chopping of trees, the digging of stumps, and the reposition of earth.  Later I identified a cavernous crater surrounded by massive amounts of dirt, but within a few days it was apparent that the patio area was taking shape.  The retaining wall was constructed entirely of soil but the stone had been chosen and was scheduled for delivery.  
Then, another mystery unfolded; one that caused an intense determination to discover the explanation.  Suddenly, and with no enlightenment as to their origin, countless stalks of green shoots began appearing in the soil surrounding our uncompleted garden-area.  Within a few weeks the bulky stalks produced enormous pods, that in due time, burst into radiant sunflowers.   
We enjoyed the unexpected display of enormous blooms but knowing that we hadn't planted sunflower seeds made us wonder about the origin.  For days we were astounded at blooms the size of a Frisbee, and the hues the color of sunshine.  Late one afternoon while we discussed a different situation, a petite furry creature scurried from a hiding place under the shrubbery, and we discovered our answer. 
Chip R. Monk and his acquaintances to include a pal named Dale, are the apparent culprits involved in the sunflower incident.  Chip's long-time companion, Ima C. Monk is among those accused; their stash of seeds, to include an enormous amount of sunflower seeds, was apparently unearthed by the machines and triggered the unexpected bouquet of late summer flowers. 


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