Paula Deen

Our girlfriend trip to Panama City Beach was filled with great conversations and plenty of delicious food, to include an outing to Pier Park for shopping therapy and touring the countless variety of establishments.  The morning was filled with trying on clothes, looking at jewelry and searching for that perfect pair of shoes; suddenly we were hungry and discussing where to eat.  I reminded Marcia that Paula Deen had opened a restaurant in April so along with assistance from Mary Jo and Bev we began searching for her new establishment.

While locating a parking place I observed a black Suburban with dark windows parked in a restricted area in the rear of the building with a police car parked nearby; signaling a VIP in the immediate vicinity. The restaurant is bright, complete with a gift shop of Paula’s products and cookbooks in the front; the booths are roomy and the food is excellent.

Our first waitress was friendly and when I asked her when she had last seen Paula Deen she whispered, "She is here today"; well, I knew immediately that I was going to do my best to see her again.  When I inquired about who was traveling with her and found out it was her husband Michael, I asked if it was possible to speak to him.  Within minutes Michael Groover was chatting with us at our table and I explained that I met Paula a few years ago in Savannah and told him that we were born in the same hospital; I remember when I told her that information that she laughed and said that we could have been sisters.

Michael said she was doing an interview and then eating lunch but he would see if she had a few minutes to visit with us.  Then I discovered from a cute waiter that Tracey was a representative of the restaurant association; he located her and introduced her to our group.  Tracey said Paula was busy of course but she was willing to ask if she could take the time for a short visit and pictures.

By then, our meal had arrived and I can report that the food is just as delicious as it is at the "Lady and Sons" in Savannah; Paula serves the best fried chicken that can be found and she tells that the secret is to marinating it in hot red pepper sauce, the heat cooks out but leaves the flavor.

Within a few minutes of enjoy dessert, Tracey came and signaled for us to follow her, and within seconds, I was sitting in a booth with Paula Deen.  She said Michael told her about our group of ladies who wanted to speak to her and that she was delighted to meet us.  We chatted and made pictures as countless other customers looked on and made pictures.

As we were leaving I realized that we missed getting a picture with Michael but he was standing outside, just like he was waiting for us.

Brenda S. Brown 


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