My Friend Genie


There were so many descriptions for my dear friend; devoted daughter and sister, beloved aunt and loving cousin but that is the personal side of her character, she was also an advocate, ordained minister, prayer partner, confidant and trusted accountant.  Genie Hargrove cherished those people who are considered easy to love but she also showed great compassion for those with problems, the individuals that are sometimes forgotten by society, to include those with mental and physical limitations.

Otto and I met Genie thirty years ago and she served as our accountant for years; she understood Otto's technique of bookkeeping and she was able to guide him through the difficult process of remembering complicated facts and figures while he worked long hours as a contractor.  He was able to keep up with multiple bank account balances in his memory and she was amazed and terrified sometimes by his methods of remembering significant details.

She laughed every year when he entered her office with all his pertinent tax information and various receipts in an overloaded and dilapidated cardboard box.  She made him promise to do better the next year, and of course he agreed, but some things never change.

Genie was the Pastor at Beulah Baptist Church; following in the footsteps of her dad.  She referred to herself a "chosen baby" because she was adopted, as were her siblings, but she always counted it as a blessing that she was selected to join the family of Billy and Harriett Hargrove.  She was also a talented musician and photographer.

Genie loved the holidays and was an avid collector of nativity scenes; during the Christmas season she posted pictures of her collection and it was a complex compilation.  She had thirty or more sets and enjoyed displaying each arrangement every year.

For a time Genie entertained her friends on Facebook by posting pictures of her friend Buddy, her gnome travel companion.  Buddy accompanied her on trips to Macon, out of state and to visit NuWay Wieners where she so enjoyed the food offerings; Buddy became locally famous and we looked forward to their shared travels.

Just before Otto transitioned to Heaven, Genie came to visit him and our family even though she was ill herself.  She was wearing a mask to protect herself because she was in active treatments for breast cancer but before she left, she removed the mask for just a moment to be sure that Otto knew it was her.  Her love had no limits and she had more compassion for those she loved than she did for herself.

When Genie was diagnosed with cancer, she adopted the saying "inittowinit" and it summed up her way of dealing with that particular adversity.  We watched and prayed as she endured treatments and surgery, and continued to fight the disease that invaded her body.  We miss Genie Hargrove and think of her everyday but we know that she did actually win, she gained her heavenly wings, and is now our ultimate prayer partner.


Brenda S. Brown 


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