My Dear Friend Mary Jo


I have known her for more years than I can count and I admire her wit, intelligence and ability to comprehend a situation and then share sound advice. Although she has faced adversity in her life she chooses to live with a smile on her face, a song in her heart, and twinkling toes that love to dance. While we were raising children and residing in Richland, Scott and Arlin looked forward to outings to their house, they have fond memories of great adventures they shared.


Once they relocated from the family home on the Dawson Road near the Hill Top, to the big house down from the Stewart Webster Hospital on Alston Street, it became children-central; there were always adults there to share a cup of coffee plus great conversation and youngsters enough to field a baseball team. The stories of the romping and tromping by those adolescents during the summer are legendary in the history of Stewart County.


There at the manor we hunted ghosts, shared venison dinners, planned the rest of our life sitting in a rocking chair on that wide front porch with the painted blue ceiling, and could not imagine living anywhere but there in the heart of Richland. Mark, Jesse, Mary Elizabeth and Meg have countless memories to share about those glorious days of their youth.


Mary Jo, Momma Jo, or JoJo, no matter the name you might recognize and call her, she is a dear, longtime friend, the mother of four grown children and grandmother of seven. An interesting fact that you might not know is that her beautiful mother Ms. Mary Worthington, of Lumpkin, is a former Peanut Queen, and continues to be pretty as a picture.


Mary Jo has always been a thoughtful hostess; one who encourages her guests to relax, prop-up their feet, and enjoy the visit. If you have ever been a guest in her home you will want to return, again and again. An accomplished cook, she is known to bake the best pecan pie imaginable. In fact, the pecan pie that I declare as a secret family recipe actually belongs to her family, not mine. I almost forgot to mention that in Bainbridge Mary Jo is known as the lady who brings the delicious pound cake.


As time marched on we moved to different locations, labored and succeeded as Georgia state employees, and watched our adolescents grow and mature into successful adults. Now, we have been blessed with wonderful grandchildren that continue to enhance and enrich our lives. As quintessential baby boomers we have come to appreciate a quiet afternoon, a delightful novel, a gorgeous sunset, and an outing with a cherished friend.


I cannot explain why this story is titled the one sock wonder, my car is making a strange noise, and the whistling air conditioner; my dear friends named it, but I see no reason to clarify the silly designation. I intend to call it "guess who caught the bridal bouquet at Tori's wedding?"



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