My Friend Carrie (#2)

Carrie George Cox and I were introduced in July, 1985, when I began working as a clerk in the Business Office at Georgia Military College.  I remember taking what was called a placement test, then interviewed and hired that day and reported to work the following day. 

In those days there were no printed staff and faculty handbooks available therefore rules, regulations and protocol were typically learned from the employees around you.  Carrie was not officially my supervisor but because she understood the expectations, and realized the deadlines and requirements, she became my mentor.  She pointed out the surrounding buildings from the office window, and I went to my desk and began work; orientation complete. 

Some of my fondest memories of the early years of working at Georgia Military College include Carrie and me managing against all odd to maintain the same lunch break schedule; some of our adventures are legendary.  Because my family had just relocated to Milledgeville, I was seriously directionally challenged; we did not need instructions to find something in Richland so knowing the names of streets and roads was uncommon to my way of thinking.  I thought however that because Carrie had always lived here that she could give me directions but as it happened, she frequently got turned around too, so we spent a lot of our allotted lunch time trying to locate our desired destination.   

When it became nearly impossible to eat lunch and get back to our desks within an hour, we decided to dine in the GMC Cafeteria and then stroll around the campus until it was time to return to the Business Office.  We sometimes watched a game show on the television in Main Barracks and on occasion, we dined in the canteen with the students.   

One day during a thunderstorm we dashed to Carrie's car for some cover and as we sat there chatting, somehow her extremely large umbrella suddenly opened and trapped us in the front seat of the car.  We laughed until we cried that day because not only were we momentarily detailed, we were soaking wet and still had to return to work. 

Carrie was a recent widow when we first met and over the years she showed by example how to overcome difficulties, look for good in people and find a blessing in every situation.  Our family had recently suffered though a traumatic situation so we struggled to find a balance to our new surroundings; Carrie was available with helpful advice and offers of assistance.    

Then an opportunity to transfer to a better paying position became available and although I wanted to pursue a position that appeared to be designed specifically for me, the thought of leaving my dear friend was unthinkable.  When Carrie learned about the opportunity she immediately began encouraging me to apply for the opening.    

Ultimately, I made the transfer and learned a precious lesson, Carrie's affection for me is immeasurable, and she made a sacrifice in order to bestow an amazing opportunity.


Brenda S. Brown 


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