Merry Christmas 2019

I have written numerous columns over the years about the memorable 
Christmas events as we grew up in Richland; our parents were children 
of the Great Depression so as a young married couple they worked long 
hours building a family propane business that provided a comfortable 
living for our family of four.

My brother David and I were richly blessed with not only loving 
parents but wonderful grandparents and being able to interact with 
three of our great-grandparents.  Christmas was a time of great 
celebration filled with visiting family and friends and of course 
delicious food and beautiful desserts.  Our momma chose and wrapped 
each gift with great care and our tree was always a work of art.

Otto had three siblings, two brothers and a sister, and because his 
daddy was an active duty soldier in the US Army, they moved around the 
country for the early years of his life.  He did not remember many 
details about holidays; when his dad passed away when Otto was eleven 
years old, they were back living in Webster County where his mother 
worked long hours as a waitress to feed and clothe them.  Unlike me, 
Otto did not grow up having many customs about Christmas so when we 
married; it was up to me to establish our family traditions.

Our first few holidays as newlyweds were spent going around to the 
homes of our relatives and enjoying their celebrations but then Scott 
was born and then fifteen months later Arlin completed our family, it 
was time to establish our personal celebrations.  Our first decision 
was that we wanted our boys to be at home on Christmas morning and be 
able to enjoy their toys and play the day away; grandparents, 
relatives and friends were welcome to come to our house and join in 
the merriment.

We had a huge live Christmas tree in the game room and within a few 
years we began to decorate the yard that included a life-size Santa 
Clause.  I prepared food for days so there was always plenty to eat 
and people dropped by all during the day.  Once the boys were old 
enough to understand, we made them promise to not go in and see their 
gifts until everyone was awake and ready to go see what Santa left for 
them under the tree; for several years, they were awake well before 
the sun came up.

I still have decorations from those holidays to include a Santa with a 
broken leg (no one admits to this deed) and countless items that were 
imprinted with our names.  I now have decorations for the grands to 
include a tiny picture from their first Christmas, engraved ornaments 
and nametags.

I hope in the future that they will claim these remembrances and 
display them in their home.  Now days we gather for Christmas morning 
brunch and yes, they all come to my house; we miss our Papa Otto but 
we know he is there in spirit.

Happy Birthday Jesus.Brenda S. Brown 


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