By Brenda S. Brown


Something old, something new, something borrowed, certainly you recall the remaining line of that unforgettable verse but the following is another depiction of weddings and marriage.
Near the downtown Columbus Historic District, with the Chattahoochee River as a backdrop, the youthful couple repeats their vows standing before family and friends, and seals the promises they pledge with a kiss.  She is splendid in her formal gown of candlelight lace, accentuated with pearls, and he is strikingly handsome in a tuxedo with tails.
I became acquainted with Kristopher and Nicole while they were cadets at Georgia Military College and frequently assisted with projects in my office; fine students and outstanding citizens, both of them.  Being from Columbus and acquainted before they arrived in our community, I was not surprised when the friends fell in love and subsequently decided to get married.
Traveling to extreme-southern Georgia, a place my daddy called down-home, is where we encounter Margaret and Willi Bruennner, a couple who have enjoyed nearly sixty years of marriage, and after touring the world, they now reside on a palatial estate near quiet Parrott, Georgia.
Willi is a retired Colonel who toured Europe while he was on active duty with the Air Force, serving several years as a member of the diplomatic corps.   Margaret was raised in Parrott and she and my daddy attended school together, which is how I was introduced to this interesting and gracious couple.  They have a unique way of looking at life and share their philosophy freely with family, friends, and sometimes with strangers.
When they invited us to visit, we had no idea when we would almost immediately be afforded the opportunity to accept their generous hospitality.  Receiving an invitation to the Farrar/Edwards wedding offered an occasion to spend time with long-time friends, renew our acquaintances, and for a brief moment, observe love and marriage from both ends of the spectrum.
It is my observation that kindness, patience and thoughtfulness are required for newly-weds and older-weds alike.  Being attentive and living in the moment was observed together with both couples; even though their circumstances are vastly different. Loving your spouse, no matter your age, is not enough; you have to possess dedication.



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