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As you go along your chosen path in this world it is expected that you continue to learn and then remember and apply the details that you have figured out on this journey.  I usually save up ideas and thoughts and at some point in time it fits into a story but the following random tips have never found a place in any column that I have written over the past fifteen years so I decided to further explore these views and consequently pass them along to my readers.

I found this idea on a Google search and then later read it on Facebook so I tried it and it worked.  If your bath towels have an undesirable odor or if you just want to be sure they are as fresh as possible try washing them in hot water and adding two cups of white vinegar.  Then rewash the towels as usual with detergent and dry then in the dryer or better yet, dry them on the clothesline; the smell is amazing and the towels absorb better than ever.  

One of the objects that most electricians despise is an extension cord and Otto did not want any in our house.  I purchased several to use with Christmas tree lights but if he found them, they disappeared; he declared that extension cords were dangerous and he deposited them in the trash.  He always cautioned about using extension cords with appliances, even the small items like hair dryers and blenders, the result can be an unexpected blaze.  

Have you ever dropped a fresh egg on the kitchen floor, how about dumping a dozen eggs on a tile floor?  Do not panic; grab the salt box and cover the catastrophe with salt; it will coagulate enough for you to sweep the mess into a dustpan and dispose of it in the trash.  It is much preferred over letting in the cat or using a roll of paper towels trying to clean up the mishap.   

I have heard this suggestion from several professionals so I am sure it is accurate; one of the best habits you can have concerning your overall good health is to drink plenty of water each day.  Plain water and enough to keep your system working properly is at least eight large glasses a day.  One well known physician, who also has a popular television show, suggests that you drink two glasses early in the morning, two around lunch, two with your evening meal and two glasses before retiring at night.  Ingesting this much water will cause you to visit the restroom more frequently but Dr. Oz declares that it is a good thing and will cause you to be healthier.

One of the dirtiest objects in our home is that nasty kitchen sponge, testing proved it dirtier than most trash cans or the area around the bathroom sink.  Rather than trying to disinfect the sponges or sanitize them in the dishwasher, the experts suggest using throw away paper towels.


Brenda S. Brown 


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