Food Network

By Brenda S. Brown


I enjoy watching the various presentations on the Food Network; I acknowledge that I view that channel more than the other nearly one hundred cable offerings on our television.  I scrutinize the various presentations on the food channel and offer my estimation that all of the programs have several things in common. 

It is my assessment that there is a genie residing in those demonstration kitchens, and I want one for my very own.   Here is the evidence for consideration; when I open my refrigerator door and attempt to store leftovers, I find it a nearly impossible task; however when the chefs open their squeaky-clean unit, an ideal location is already prepared.  No matter the size of the container, from a minuscule egg cup to a mammoth punch bowl, there is a location for it to reside, right in the center of the well-planned shelves. 


The guest chefs never have to relocate a half-empty bottle of ketchup or throw out last week's offering of butter beans,  to make a space, it appears that the inside of their refrigerator is consistently squeaky clean and categorically arranged in alphabetical order.  My favorite star, Alton Brown, reveals the truth when he converses with the lady of the refrigerator, the magical one who performs the preparations. 


The invisible kitchen magician is well organized because a perfectly suited cooking utensil is ever present in the drawer nearest the elbow of the star of the show; no wasted time searching through the cabinets for these fine cooks.  All the presentation plates are perfectly matched with colorful designs that flatter even the simplest dish and the platters and plates are free of any soapy residue left by the dishwasher; although it seems like magic; I bet it is not. 

If your meals seem like a hodgepodge of ingredients try watching several choice episodes; you too can magically become a kitchen diva, and if you believe what you hear and see on television, it can happen in less than thirty minutes. 
Could I be a candidate to be the next food network star; I think that possibility is far from reality, unless of course a gourmet genie is included in the deal. 

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