When faced with a disaster at your home and chances are if you have 
not already had the experience, you will eventually; one can hope that 
they know enough experts to assist in putting things back together.   
This might seem like an advertisement but believe me, it is meant to 
be a formal thank you note to all those who arrived and assisted 
during my calamity.

My day began early with morning television and breakfast when my 
buzzing cell phone said that Charlotte, who lives in the studio 
apartment, was calling. I had difficulty understanding exactly what 
she was saying but it was clear that she was talking about water.  Why 
in the world was Charlotte calling me so early in the morning about 
flowing water?

I immediately went to the garage door and suddenly understood what 
Charlotte was talking about; it appeared to be raining inside the 
garage, water was pouring all over the vehicles and making huge 
puddles in the concrete floor.  I realized that I had to stop the 
flood of water and tried to remember where the shut-off valve was 

I am proud to be the first customer of Nick Baugh when he opened his 
plumbing business in Baldwin County; Nick installed a new water heater 
at my house and thankfully also installed an emergency shut-off valve 
for the water supply.  After I closed the shut-off, and still in panic 
mode, I ran all the way down the driveway to the water meter at the 
road, only to realize that I could not shut it off without assistance.

Nick was nearby and was able to arrive within a few minutes.  When he 
arrived the water was shut off but the damage was done, a supply line 
had ruptured and flooded the apartment and garage.  He returned later 
and repaired the damaged plumbing.

Hazel Dennis was in her office at Merritt Massey State Farm Insurance 
and was ready with advice on how to proceed.  ServPro was alerted and 
they arrived promptly to begin removing the standing water and then 
loading in countless fans and dryers.  I had no idea that ServPro is 
available 24/7 for emergencies such as mine; important information 
that I am sharing with the readers.

Lake Country Mobile Storage delivered a pod to store personal items 
during the process.   Nathan Baugh came and helped sort through Otto’s 
tools that were stored in the garage and thankfully gave them a new 
home and even assisted with the removal of unneeded and damaged 
possessions.  The guys from ServPro packed the belongings and began 
cleaning the damaged areas.  Matthew brought a trailer for debris and 
then removed it when we finished the clean out.

I chose Edward Sheppard through ServPro and his crew arrived promptly 
and performed the demolition and began reconstruction.  The process 
was laborious but it worth the time and effort; the end product was 
“like it never even happened”.

It’s time to check your homeowner’s policy for coverage; you will be 
glad you did.



Brenda S. Brown 


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