On our recent journey to Chico Hot Springs and Yellowstone National 
Park, we stopped along the way to see a landmark known as the Devilís 
Slide; it is a sight to remember.  The beautiful view over the years 
has inspired some interesting stories about how it was created.   
Located on the side of the Cinnabar Mountain, and listed as part of 
the Gallatin National Forest in Park County, Montana, it was first 
known as Red Streak Mountain that is until August, 1870 when the 
Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition discovered and named the location.   
The first recorded photograph of the site is from 1871 and was 
captured by William Henry Jackson.

There are several tales about how the rock formation received the 
unusual name but I will leave that to your imagination; some visitors 
to the area enjoy the stories and some find them frightening and most 
of the local residents do not think that the red in the formation has 
anything to do with the occult.  The distinctive formation was created 
by limestone, sandstone and quartzite that continue to erode and 
display the bright red coloration.

You can view the rock formation from Highway 89 for free and there are 
several places to park and safely take photos and enjoy the colorful 
landscape.  According to Wikipedia, "We had seen many of the 
capricious works wrought by erosion upon the friable rocks of Montana, 
but never before upon so majestic scale."

Oxidized iron is the reason for the red color of this formation and 
the stories you hear are entertaining, but on to Gardiner and to one 
of the five entrances to Yellowstone National Park.

Gardiner, Montana claims to be natureís favorite entrance to 
Yellowstone National Park.  Gardiner is the northern entrance to the 
park and is also the home of the historic Roosevelt Arch, which was 
dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 and is a popular 
place for posing for photographs.

Gardiner is advertised as a full-service town with no big box stores, 
instead it is home to boutiques, grocery stores, auto repair shops and 
souvenir stores galore.  We enjoyed shopping there on our way into the 
park and when we were leaving the park after our tours, and sadly, a 
few days after we got home, a devastating fire destroyed several of 
the shops that we had enjoyed perusing.

The longest free-flowing river, the Yellowstone River, can be accessed 
in Gardiner and the town claims ten million acres of public land that 
is filled with wild animals to include grizzly and black bears, sheep, 
elk, wolves and bison.  We were lucky to see a small herd of elk 
napping under the large trees near the visitorís center in town.

One of the catchy phrases from their website is; "Let us take you out 
of the ordinary and into the wild" and I can promise you will see 
wildlife and breathtaking views from this beautiful little town with a 
population of nine hundred residents that welcomes and serves millions 
of visitors.


Brenda S. Brown 


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