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So what do you do when road construction where you live brings both good and bad news?  Well let me elaborate and then I will tell you what I decided to do and see if you agree.  My house is located at the apex of what is known as a U-shaped road so sitting on my porch during the winter months when the vegetation is sparse; I can see vehicles traveling the expanse for an unbelievable amount of time.  The good news is that we are getting a completely newly constructed road; the bad news is we are getting a completely newly constructed road. 

Our road has been patched so many times that it finally qualified for a complete makeover but to get from damaged and repaired pavement, to under construction, and then to completely new, will take the patience of those who live here and the hard work of the construction crew.  Because I have always admired people who earn a living working outside, I try to be respectful of their laboring and mindful that their workplace can be a dangerous area to labor.  Therefore, I wave and acknowledge them every time I pass by the detours and slow zones and they respond accordingly.  I like to think that we have become friends even though we do not know each other by name; we see each other quite frequently during the week. 

I have heard the construction noise for weeks but it took them advancing in front of my driveway for me to encounter the workers face to face sometimes several times a day.  As I pass by going to Curves, running errands and to the local grocery markets, I continue to acknowledge them, sometimes even stopping and thanking them for what they do.  But, being the human person that I am, several times during various phone conversations with friends, I have complained about the noise and inconvenience. Sometimes when they dump large amounts of used-up pavement into dump trucks the thundering sound feels like another lake country earthquake. 

So, while talking to my BFF Marcia, she suggested what I already considered doing but never made up my mind when to put the plan into effect.  Marcia said I should make some brownies for the workers and since I had already considered the same thing, I decided that Friday afternoon was the time to bake and share. Seeing the smile on several faces and knowing that the chocolate goodies were going to be passed around to the other workers was all the thanks I needed. 

Sometimes when life throws you a curve ball, which by the way will be a tremendous blessing when the construction is complete and the road is brand new, the only thing to do is bake brownie and share.  I hope my readers will come to the same conclusion and perhaps consider doing something similar one day.  Once the construction is over and forgotten, perhaps a worker will remember my gesture of friendship and smile. 


Brenda S. Brown 


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