Clint Eastwood #2

Clint Eastwood is one of the richest and most recognizable movie stars 
in Hollywoodland.  He is famous not only for his starring roles in 
movies but also for his work behind the camera as a director.  He 
still owns the poncho that he wore in many of the western films that 
made him famous and declares that it has never been washed; he is 
afraid it would fall apart so he keeps it stored in a safe place.   
Clint has been involved in more films than you can count and the 
genres are from one end of the spectrum to the other.

When approached about making Sergio Leone's trilogy insiders 
supposedly remarked that it was a "bad step" for his career, which 
translated in Spanish is called Malpasco.  Ironically there is a 
Malpasco Creek located near Clint's home in Carmel-of-the-Sea, so he 
decided to name his movie enterprise Malpasco Productions.  Because of 
his roles in the trilogy, he became an international sensation; 
Hollywood said that playing the character with no name made Clint 
Eastwood a bona-fide movie star.  The background was the American West 
but filming was done in the Italian countryside.

Both Robert Mitchum and Steve McQueen were considered to play the 
detective in "Dirty Harry " and so was Frank Sinatra, but Sinatra had 
an issue with his hand and could not handle a firearm.  Once Eastwood 
was approached and chosen the series became movie history; Harry 
Callahan, the anti-cop, was featured in five different films.  During 
the filming in 1971 the director Don Siegel became ill so Clint 
stepped in for him until he recovered; it was his first attempt at 
directing and he found that it was a passion.

Fast forward, he now is the winner of five Golden Globe Awards and 
four Academy Awards; he also had the honor of receiving the Screen 
Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.   He has also been honored by 
other countries, in France in 1994 he became a Commander of the "Ordre 
des Arts et des Lettres" and in 2000 he became the recipient of the 
Italian Venice Film Festival Golden Lion award as a lifetime 

In 1986, after a difference of opinion with government officials, 
Clint Eastwood entered the race for Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, which 
he won, and served for two years.  Specifically he ran for office 
because of a previous ban on the sales of ice cream cones (ice cream 
parlors) and fast food, which he was able to have overturned.   He 
decided to not run for another term and retired as a politician.

He often flies his helicopter to filming sites, he is a composer and 
pianist, and he enjoys golf and is an investor in Pebble Beach Golf 
Links.  He speaks Italian fluently and has traced his descendants back 
to the Mayflower.  Clint has seven children with five different 
mothers; their ages range from fifty five years old to twenty three 
and they appear often at functions and stay in touch with their 
legendary father.


Brenda S. Brown 


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