Chew, Chew, Chewing Gum


The remnants of the ancient wooden structure, silently succumbing to constant exposure to environmental wind and rain, are located in Terrell County, Georgia, nearer to Parrott than Dawson, at the crossing of Scott's Store Road, Beulah Church Road and Warner Road. 


At one time Scott's Store was filled with animated customers who were generally friends and neighbors and was considered a booming establishment, for a little enterprise located smack-dab in the country.  There were probably twenty other country stores in the vicinity but of course, this one was my favorite.  


The family owned country store was a place of enchantment and delight for this inquisitive youngster; one of the advantages of being the first-born Scott grandchild was that I was usually the first to evaluate and/or test the latest sweet selections in the enclosed candy counter.  I expect the impression of my nose is still embedded in that now abandoned glass showcase. 


From Granddaddy Scott I received my first ever piece of Dentyne chewing gum and consequently from Nanny I was given words of advice; enjoy your sweet treat but do not let me see or hear you chewing, grinding, or chomping it.   My mother was not a fan of gum either and if she realized I had it in my mouth she suggested that I quickly dispose of it in the garbage; ladies do not display their fondness for chewing gum.  


The petite strips bursting with flavor are wrapped in a crimson colored wrapper, and those cinnamon favored jewels proclaim to clean and refresh your mouth without sticking to your dental work.  The package is bright red and white with Dentyne written in bold red letters.  There were numerous kinds of chewing gums for selection from the candy counter; Juicy Fruit, Beemans, Cloves and Blackjack, Fruit Stripe and Clarks, to name a few, but my granddaddy never carried but one type of gum. 


In an era where size does matter, Dentyne continues to be the more compact version of gum manufactured for chewing.  In 1899, a New York City druggist named Franklin V. Canning formulated a product which he promoted as an aid to oral hygiene; the name is supposedly a combination of the words hygiene and dental. 


As a youngster I was taught to save the paper wrapper to use when I finished the gum; nothing upsets people like stepping in soft gum and making sticky tracks with their shoes.  Most unsightly black circles seen on sidewalks and walkways are various kinds of gums that were not disposed of properly. Granddaddy Scott always had a package of Dentyne gum tucked into the pocket of his khaki work pants; I believe he kept a special stash of gum for his and my chewing pleasure.  


Here is a random concept to ponder when you have a quiet moment; do you think how a person chews gum is directly related to their personality type?  Give this concept some contemplation.  I did some limited research in this area and I believe the parallel to be true but I certainly welcome your thoughts, concepts and comments. 



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