Cercy, Searcy, surcie


Friendship is a relationship between two or more persons that like and respect each other; a rather general explanation for a sometimes complicated affiliation.  Because I love to tell a story, here is my version of friendship. 


The taste of salt on your lips, bright scarlet polish on your toenails and dark shades to shield your eyes from the brilliant autumnal sunshine; slather on some sunscreen and journey with us for a brief few days into the dominion of one of our favorite gathering places, Hilton Head Island.  Coastline, seaside and oceanfront, enter into the world of beaches and your decisions are limited to where to go to shop and when and where to dine, you are a visitor in a place known as paradise.     


Watching movies is one of our favorite pastimes so we viewed Footloose, the Shag, Thelma and Louise, and a personal favorite, Dirty Dancing, while we all three discuss thoughts about our complicated lives, dreams of retirement, and strategies for the future.  From the sundeck we observe what appears to be a living tornado only to discover that it is a group of indigenous swallows. 


Melba, Marcia and I are life-long friends but there are sometimes unexpected discoveries when we travel together; this time Marcia gave us a lesson on something she describes as a cearcy.  Cearcy, surcie, sursee, or searcy; no matter how you spell it, the meaning is the same; it is an unexpected prize or gift.  It is an occurrence that is familiar to her and her family but is a complete mystery to us; after an explanation and animated discussion, we decide that this is an outstanding way to recognize those unanticipated pleasures in life.


Our enduring friendship has been one of my great blessings in life; we have our differences of opinion on some matters which is understandable, but the one aspect in which we are united, we share an everlasting love for Jesus Christ, our Savior.  We enjoy our time together and because of our united belief, we are promised eternal life; together and separately, we continue to acknowledge our countless blessings.   


The brief vacation days included an excursion over to the historic district of Savannah and a driving tour of Tybee Island, and of course we scrutinized the beautiful and ancient lighthouse.  Our dining experiences included Huey's Restaurant on the riverfront and delightful seafood offerings on the island that brought us abundant delight.  


I am thankful for thoughtful friends who know me well and continue to love me anyway. 


It's a cearcy! 



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