Catalog of Numerous Memories

By Brenda S. Brown


Sometimes random thoughts collide and the subsequent activity causes me to ponder about happenings from my past; the following is a collection of thoughts that will remain unrelated, except as remarkable entries into my catalog of numerous memories. 

When hearing the news release that plain water will be marketed in clear plastic bottles, I remember thinking, who is the audience that will purchase water; it is virtually free from either the spigot or the water cooler.  That was years ago of course and the novelty of consuming bottled water has reached its peak and in some households something we rarely purchase anymore, not because of the tasteless and costly content, but because of the environmentally unfriendly container. Remember, nowadays we have to think green and consider our carbon footprint thingy.  

I remember pondering, who in the world wants the news available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week?  When the virtually unknown Ted Turner of Atlanta introduced a new channel, in 1980 that broadcast continuous news it became an innovation to the industry; today, no matter your political druthers, you can easily locate a news broad cast and observe history in the making.  

Years ago, I distinctly remember the spring afternoon that I donned my sporty navy-blue pants suit and visited the modern Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Dawson, Georgia; I was unprepared for little-ladies turning away in embarrassment because of my outlandish attire.  My mother never attended a public event, except an occasional Saturday afternoon game of Little League baseball, wearing slacks; my generation precipitated the daily wearing of pants by females.  The following generations of women may never again don skirts and dresses. 

Not many years ago I had the same thoughts about watching an entire day of cooking shows.   However, there is a lady entrepreneur, born one year before me, in the same hospital, Phoebe Putney, in Albany, Georgia, who has taken the cooking of common food into an industry that carries her name.  Kudos to Paula Deen for becoming an industry giant by preparing and serving good food, and working tirelessly to publicize her family restaurant. 

I did not know the importance at the time, but deciding to take two years of typing in high school has evolved into one of my great pleasures in life; capturing fascinating language and assembling it into stories has become a diversion in which I take great pride. 

I hope my commentaries bring pleasure to my readers, and generate a lingering smile.



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