Carrie Cox

It is surprising when you encounter someone who has resided in this area their entire life but that is true of my dear friend of over thirty years; she proclaimed Jesus as her Lord and Savior and joined the Hardwick Christian Church at a young age and she graduated from Midway Vocational High School.  She completed all eleven grades of required schooling at age sixteen; worked downtown at the Campus Theater as a teenager and was employed in several accounting positions after raising children. 

Her name is Carrie George Cox and for countless years, her mother wrote a community column called "Did You Know" that was published in the Union Recorder.  She penned the popular column in long hand and it was delivered weekly to the newspaper office by a relative. 

Carrie explains that she has lived three distinctly different lives; the adolescent Carrie who resided at home with her parents and three siblings; Marie, Anne and Alec in Hardwick, the content young wife and mother and now as a widow.  I visited with Carrie one afternoon intending to verify some of the details of the following accounts, but we spent more time laughing and snacking on cheese, crackers and grapes, than we did writing this column; many of the memories reminded us of work and as we frequently remarked, we are both contentedly retired. 

Bill George was a professional carpenter and his craftsmanship can still be located on buildings in downtown Milledgeville.  In fact the night Carrie was born; he was working on the building formally occupied by the Merchants and Farmers Bank, now the downtown Century Bank building. 

Annie George was a homemaker, wife and mother, who also taught Sunday school and prepared the Lord's Supper table for the morning service every Sunday at Hardwick Christian Church.  Each year during Christmas Bill George prepared and sold delicious homemade cakes. There were several decadent flavors offered, but the most popular was his chocolate cake.  He was also famous for making the best meringues in the area by whipping egg whites by hand, simply using a fork.

Carrie married Jack Harris Cox on June 24 1951, the first wedding ever held in the sanctuary of the Hardwick Christian Church.   Together she and Jack became the proud parents of six children, three girls Jackie, Janice, and Joni, all with "J" names to honor Jack; and three boys, Curtis, Carl, and Craig, with "C" names to honor Carrie.  Jack owned and operated a lumber business in Baldwin and surrounding counties and they began raising their family in the community of Riverview, and then later built a home on the Sparta highway. 

Sadly, Jack Cox passed away in 1979 from complications of a massive stroke; their daughters were married but the boys were still finishing school.  Carrie is presently the grandmother of 13 and the great grandmother of 21.    

Now that you know particulars about Carrie, in a following column I will detail some accounts of our shared adventures.   More stories to come. 

Brenda S. Brown 


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