Caring for Others


Marcia and Melba and I have been friends all our lives; we were friends in elementary school, during high school, as young women, mothers and wives, and now as mature adults with numerous grandchildren.  Although we cannot be together all the time, we attempt to gather together as often as possible, to catch up with details of our lives.

This is a story about love, friendship and the importance of caring for family and friends; something my lifelong friends and I have practiced for countless years.   Caring for others is important, caring for others is the right thing to do; we care for people and we do it with concern and grace.

Caring for others is a delicate balance; you must know when to speak, and what to say, you have to understand when to do something and how to do it, and sometimes even how to be quiet and listen.   There is a sensitive balance and you must constantly check to be sure you are helping and not hurting because we never intend to do harm.

Melba volunteered to take Joyce to visit with her friend Ray and because he now resides in Cairo, Georgia, it became the perfect opportunity for us to have a quick visit with our forever friend Marcia, who lives in nearby Tallahassee.  When Melba called to tell me about the outing she did not have to ask if I wanted to go, she already knew I would, it was just a matter of setting a date and time for our departure.

Once Joyce arrived at her destination, Melba and I found a charming place to dine called the "Cairo City Grill" and we were delighted with the fresh vegetables offered on the lunch buffet; we were overjoyed that every person we encountered in that quaint town spoke enthusiastically to us, what a friendly place.  Then we traveled to Tallahassee and checked into the A-Loft hotel where Marcia joined us for a relaxing time of chatting by the attractive swimming pool.

Marcia's daughter Tori and her husband Bruce invited us to join them and their daughter Carter Grace for dinner and it was delicious plus healthy, great food and even better conversation.  We should have been exhausted from the lengthy journey but spending time with the Oglesby family was so enjoyable that we forgot to be tired.   Carter Grace entertained us and charmed us; she is growing up so fast.  After driving around the historic downtown for a tour by Marcia, we retired to our room for the evening.

We want to thank the folks at Magnolia Place of Cairo for their warm hospitality; it is such a friendly, well appointed and welcoming establishment.  Our drive home was uneventful and although we hated to leave so soon, we laughed on the way home about our adventure.  During our trek we enjoyed snacks that included milkshakes and a delicious latte; Melba found fresh peaches and Joyce acquired a watermelon to share with her friends at home.


Brenda S. Brown 


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