Blossoming of the Cross

By Brenda S. Brown


Easter Sunday is a time of commemoration for those of us who are Christians and in celebration of our faith at Black Springs Baptist Church for countless years we have participated in a special ceremony originally known as the "Blossoming of the Cross."  It is an observance that once experienced, will always be remembered. 


The church members purchase fresh flowers or bring pretty blossoms from their yards and place them in the plain baskets, near the old ragged and unattractive cross.  The structure is covered with chicken wire, and placed in the front, near the altar where it stands ugly and unadorned.  The blossoms that are donated are beautiful but in the beginning, the bare and rugged cross is not. 


What we claim as a long-standing tradition at our church was introduced countless years ago by one of our dedicated members, Edith Collins Hardage; she truly left an indelible mark on our hearts and our worship services, and this is one of the ways that we continue to remember her legacy.  Not only did she reside near Black Springs Baptist Church, at Happy Acres Farm, she was a faithful member and devoted prayer partner. 


During the service the children are invited to come forward and position the beautiful blossoms on the structure and what happens as they work, is captivating; within moments the homely structure blossoms into an object of grandeur.  Roses and daisies, dogwood blossoms and buttercups, tulips and flowering quince, they all find a place on the cross through the hands of the youngest in attendance on Resurrection Sunday, and the finished creation is breathtakingly beautiful. 


Ms. Edith always marveled at the product that the children produced and it continuously results in smiles and compliments from the congregation.  Many holiday photographs capture the lovely cross of flowers. 


Our tradition is a reminder that the darkness and shadows of Lent have passed by and have been replaced by the blessings of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. 


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