Before Nursing Home, A Lot of Living

An elderly gentleman sits in a wheelchair near the intersecting hallways at the nursing home and, as they pass by his way, he politely calls each attendant by name. His voice is gentle, he barely speaks above a whisper.

The once black-as-coal hair has now faded to gray, and the previously calloused hands have become remarkably soft. When he bows his head and steals a catnap, the hustle and bustle of the residents doesn't disturb the siesta.

 Shortly after graduating from high school, he joined the Army Air Corps and was tested for flight school. His steady hand and calm demeanor landed him an invitation to train with the crew of a B-17, as a bombardier. When he mastered the training courses he accepted an appointment as an instructor, completing his wartime assignment teaching in a military classroom.

Only a select few people remember that he was once a commanding figure in the world of business, amassing an excellent line of credit and acquiring an outstanding listing on Dun and Bradstreet. His assistance was sought by people aspiring to become leaders and acquaintances who were subsequently listed in Who's Who in the world of business.

Among his comrades were the founder of the American Family Life Assurance Company (AFLAC), the owner of J and M Trucking Co., various physicians, attorneys and politicians - and the 39th president of the United States.

Although he never had the opportunity to attend traditional college classes, he enrolled in correspondence school and completed, with honors, a degree in advanced accounting.

When L. Forrest Scott passed away last autumn, his obituary listed many accomplishments. But the one that truly matters was that he was cherished and admired by countless people - especially his daughter and son.

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