The words beautician and magician are interchangeable

By Brenda S. Brown

 Angela has been my confidant and hairdresser for twenty years; almost as long as she has been a professional beauty advisor/consultant. She knows mysteries about me and my family that few others realize and is quite capable of safeguarding confidences. I value our association and conversations so much that over the years I have followed her career from one local beauty emporium to another.

In another life I owned a jewelry store where the important rules concerning diamonds and other precious stones were color, carat, cut, and clarity; I submit to the notion that the prettification enterprise is founded on four similar concepts, cut, color, curl and conversation.

When Nanny was a younger woman, Ms. Iris Lane was her trusted friend and beautician, and the brand name “Toni” was the permanent wave that they preferred. In fact it was so fashionable that Nanny forevermore considered any permanent wave, simply a Toni. Because Nanny owned colorful plastic curlers, and kept several packages of end-wrapping papers on hand, one never knew when and where one of those waves was going to occur; on the back porch, in the kitchen, or at a neighbor’s house.

Visiting the beauty parlor today is different from my Nanny’s days; in her retirement years she had a standing appointment, every Friday, come rain or come shine, to receive a shampoo and set, complete with light teasing and lots of lacquered hairspray. Her gray hair was enhanced with bluing and rather than enriching the snow-white color, as it was advertised; it turned her do into a medium shade of indigo, but it matched the other ladies in her circle so it was perfectly acceptable.

I prefer that those big clunky plastic-dome hair dryers of yesteryear stay away from my head and tender ears, I favor the softer coiffure that result from modern handheld drying and curling devices. But, I do not worry about the style that suits my personality the best, Angela knows my preferences so when I need a trim, I sit in the chair and let her work her magic. A consumer could get lost in the myriad display of beauty products so I let Angela experiment with them and pass along her findings.

I believe that the words beautician and magician are truly interchangeable; so for all you have done for me and for your other clients over the years, thank you Angela. Because you know that I am not one of those drop-by persons, I will make an appointment and visit your establishment soon.



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