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Here is the saga of my illness and thank you again for calling me, what a wonderful surprise and a boost to my morale.  I think I am caught up to date now with the published stories and it should be a few weeks before I have another one.  Thank you for doing this for me, I refer people to your site often.  Love you.

When sickness strikes, and especially when it is as unexpected as mine was, I hope that you are fortunate enough to have a health care facility with personnel as competent and skilled as those I encountered at Oconee Regional Hospital in Milledgeville/Baldwin County.  I am knowledgeable about the warning signs of appendicitis but unfortunately, my medical emergency was not a textbook case, because the typical initial symptoms were insignificant and difficult to interpret until my situation suddenly accelerated and then my appendix ruptured.

Doctor Harinder Brar arrived promptly for unexpected after hour's emergency surgery and he and the operating room group were skillful, informative and compassionate.  Soon after the surgery was complete, I unfortunately transitioned unexpectedly from recovery to Intensive Care where I encountered additional professionals who managed my pain and controlled the situation which was a result from the spreading infection and anesthesia.  By afternoon I was stable enough to transfer to the Park Tower and great adventures awaited there too.

My primary physician, Doctor George Martinez, who is also a trusted friend, made rounds frequently and regulated my daily medication and my overall general health; within twenty four hours I impressed him with astonishing progress.  Doctor Stephen Langston was in attendance for weekend visits and was available for additional advice and counseling.

The emergency room staff, Department of Radiation, Intensive Care professionals and experts who operate the 4th floor Park Tower, angels of mercy, insured that my needs were met, sometimes before I knew to ask.  There were numerous individuals who assisted me over those days but Debbie, Pam, Tina and Michelle became my extraordinary advocates.  Dr. Brar is a skilled surgeon who is surrounded by nurses and technicians who work hard to restore our health.  Thank you to those people who keep the institution in working order, and once I was allowed to get off a liquid diet, I have to say that the meals were remarkably appetizing.

It is indisputable that my regular workouts at Curves are a substantial reason that I responded so well to treatment; I have developed exceptional core balance and my arm and leg strength was amazing to the physical therapy experts.   It explained my being able to take significantly long walks in the hall and how quickly I was able to get out of bed, unassisted.  I am a senior citizen but I refuse to act elderly and because I realize the importance of a positive attitude, I choose to enjoy my retirement years.

There were countless phone calls, personal visits, messages and words of encouragement which are greatly appreciated; I am blessed to be surrounded by loving people.  My immediate family has been amazingly supportive, as they always are, and I know that there were an abundance of heartfelt prayers offered on my behalf.  I appreciate that those precious members at Black Springs Baptist Church know the power of prayer and that Pastor David Perry stood at my bedside and communicated beautiful expressions of praise and worship.

Thank you Lord.


Brenda S. Brown 


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