Merry Christmas Story

When I began wondering about the curious fellow dressed in red, who visited the homes of good little boys and girls, I decided to keep quiet about my suspicion.  Although it seemed impossible for one person, and a dozen reindeers, to manufacture and deliver gifts for children all over the world, I was afraid to put my doubts into words.

My parents suspected that I had discovered the secret, but they hoped my younger brother David could enjoy a few more fantasy holidays.  I felt isolated as I pondered the Santa dilemma; I feared that our holiday would change significantly when the Santa-factor disappeared, for you see, Christmas at our house was magical.

Uncle Bill was the only grown person in the family who loved to play games; he laughed frequently, and taught children all kinds of wonderful things like how whistle, and how to win at playing marbles.   He wanted people to be happy, and comforted those who were dealing with problems.  When he sensed that I was wresting with a crisis, he knew exactly what to say. 

Let me explain about Santa Claus he said quietly as we rested on the back steps of Nanny's farmhouse, he is real, he exists in my imagination, and he can live in yours.  In Germany the children believe in Christkind, in Russia St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, and in England they know him as Father Christmas.  It is no coincidence that we commemorate our holiday on the day that the baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem.   
No matter your age, you never have to let go of the magic; you can keep the enchantment alive, just like I have chosen to do.    Santa is alive and well; he promised, I know, because he lives right here. When he patted the right side of his chest, I understood.  

Trust the dream, and enjoy the magic of the celebration; Santa lives in the hearts of generous and caring people all over the world. 

Now, you too know the real secret about Santa.

Merry Christmas to all.  Brenda and family.


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