Christmas Memories

By Brenda S. Brown

The screw-in and illuminated bulb was filled with liquid oil that had a low boiling point, and must be secured in an upright position in order to perform perfectly; therefore, if the lights did not bubble as expected, a gentle shake seemed to alleviate the problem.  Coincidently, the same technology was used on a larger scale to decorate Wurlitzer jukeboxes. 
Melba remembers their table laden with countless cakes; different flavors and icings; and every one delicious.  Among the offerings were Japanese Fruit Cake, Lane Cake, Ice-Box Fruit Cake, and the ever popular German Chocolate.  As family and guests arrived, Ms. Minnie Dallas treated them to a cup of steaming-hot coffee and a thick slice of wholesome delight. 
Mary Jo remembers Christmas in Lumpkin when her dad appeared dressed as Santa downtown at Cherry's Drug Store, and delighted the children who shopped with their mothers.  Moreover, how could she forget the year that her mother won a brand-new, dark-blue, 1953 Packard automobile in a well-publicized sweepstakes; an event sponsored by King's Grocery Market in Columbus, Georgia.
Otto will never forget the year his mother disregarded tradition and purchased a shiny tree made entirely of silver aluminum.   When she discovered that the design made it impossible to illuminate, she drove from her home in Benning Hills in Columbus, to the dime store at the Traffic Circle Shopping center and purchased the companion color pinwheel and a mechanized stand.  Consequently, not only did the tree oscillate in a circle every few minutes, it continually changed colors from red to blue to green and amber.
Merry Christmas from our family to yours, and Happy Birthday Jesus.     

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