Christmas Story

Once again it is time for Christmas reminiscences and this year my presentation will feature thoughts from some of the grandest teenagers I know; our four grandchildren.  Traditionally we begin with the oldest individual, but this time I am disregarding that custom and letting the youngest grand have a chance to share her thoughts first.Christen the youngest animal lover in our family, collects Breyer horses and their paraphernalia.   She hopes one day to own a living-breathing thoroughbred, but until then she anticipates adding to her collection; she appreciates all the models that she has received over the years.

Caleb looks forward to the holiday countdown calendar (the kind that originated in Germany) that he receives each year.  Opening the daily window reminds him how many more days until Christmas Eve, and beginning each day in December with a piece of chocolate candy is pleasurable.

Catherine remembers the year she received a baby-doll under the tree; she named her My Katie-doll and keeps her in a safe place.  She looks forward to spending time with relatives during the holidays, and appreciates the movies received from Mimi and Papa.

Joshua remembers the Christmas long ago when he received a Buzz-Light Year action figure; that year the Woody and Buzz characters were the most requested items by the young male population.   As a member of the Georgia Military College Prep School Band, he looks forward to Honor Band Competition and the countless holiday parades.

And years ago in the southwest Georgia town of Richland, I remember the Christmas that brother David and I received portable radios; his was blue and mine was red.  There was a switch-button that changed it from Am to FM and a substantial wire that served as a stand, a carrying handle and the antenna.  There was a dial on the front to change the station that must have been as large as the top of a Mason jar.  I do not remember listening to FM stations, but I do remember that the AM stations of choice came with lots of static interference.

WBAM AM 740, the Big Bam, that broadcasted out of Montgomery, Alabama, was our radio station of choice; we listened to it every day.

Silver Bells, Ring-a-ling, hear them ring; soon it will be Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to everyone, from our house to yours; and Happy Birthday Jesus, my Lord and Savior.


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